Best & Local Foods Of Haryana You Would Love to Eat.

Local Foods Of Haryana

North India has the most varieties of foods on the northern side Local Foods Of Haryana Rajasthan Punjab UP Bihar and of course, Delhi also has different tastes.

Haryana Has a different identity for its Local food and cultural food too. Here locals are more connected with the primary sector. So they consume more natural products than fast food.

Here we’ll put some lite on The Best Cultural & Local Foods Of Haryana You Would Love to Eat. Have you ever listened to “Desan mein Desh Haryana Jit Doodh Dahi ka Khana”?

That means Haryanvi foods are mostly made with doodh Dahi means locals of Haryana consume a lot of dairy products and of course they are homemade.

So without wasting any time let’s start our list of

Best Local Foods Of Haryana

1. Hara Saag Sarson Kundra Ka Saag And Roti
sarson ka saag

Bathua is basically a small plant and Kundra is also nearly similar to bathua this is a common weed grass in Haryana it grew up in cotton fields or Millet fields during winters.

People sell this grass in other parts of the country but in Haryana, you can enjoy this tasty bathuye ka saag with roti and Makhan(Tindi Ghee).

The recipe is simple like Sarson ka Saag we can cook Sarson leaves bathua kudhra and palak all things in cooker or haari A cowpunk fueled chulha.

2. Bathuye ka rayta kadhi chawal

kadhi chawal

Bathuye ka raita is simple and easy and can be prepared in 5 to 7 minutes, Local People of Haryana Consume bathua ka raita and kadhi chawal mostly when they are busy.

And when they don’t have time to cook roti Sabji or anything, Kadhi Chawal and Bathua ka raita is easy and takes less time than other Haryanvi culture food.

As it is easy to prepare and fast (not really fast like fast food) people use these dishes 2,3 days a week.

3. Bajre Ki Khichdi & Kheer

Bajre Ki Khichdi

Kheer and bajre ki khichdi are also are Local Foods Of Haryana most people make kheer on Sunday and Thursday, And Bajre ki Khichdi on daily basis.

You can’t enjoy Bajre Ki Khichdi in restaurants or dhabas but yeah you will find kheer on Dhabas and restaurants mostly in the evening.

Bajre ki Khichdi is Mainly of two types normal Bajre Ki khichdi For aged person and who asks for normal food means if someone doesn’t like spicy food.

Another type of Bajre Ki Khichdi is spicy and sometimes you can put some Daal, Peas, or Nuts in that actually both are tasty I enjoyed both at my home.

It takes 3 to 4 hours for Haari to cook this Khichdi and Kheer Also takes at least three hours for ladies to use kaccha chawal to prepare kheer.

4. Kachri Ki Chatni & gawar phali ki sabzi

Kachri Ki Chatni

Courtesy: Masala 

Kachri ki chatni is a permanent item in Haryanvi food wherever and whenever you are you will get kachr Ki chatni in Haryana and in winter season gawarphali is also common like sarson and bathua.

Kachri is known as the child version of desi kakdi, another type of vegetable, people used to eat directly like melon and cucumber in salid.

Gwar Phali is a cluster bean with the scientific name Cyamopsis tetragonoloba grown in Rajasthan Haryana Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. All Haryana Born people have Gawar Ki sabji on their menu.


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