Best Travel Vloggers In India 2023

I Love traveling I hope you love traveling too. This is a lockdown in India we can’t go anywhere. But some Travel Vloggers In India traveling continuously or traveled in the past now posting their videos on youtube.

If you love traveling or you are frustrated with lockdown tired of watching movies Netflix series and listening to songs, then you must try watching some travel vlogs on youtube.

travel vloggers in india

I used to watch many vloggers videos who traveled dozens of countries and still traveling in this covid pandemic with. Watching their videos will make you fall in love. I will mention some of My favorite travel vloggers from India basically Hindi vloggers in India. Have a look at my

Best Travel Vloggers In India

  • Mountain Trekker
  • Nomad Suhubham
  • Cycle Baba Dr. Raj
  • Nomadic Indian
  • Yatri Doctor

1. Mountain Trekker (Varun Vagish)

Varun Vagish is a national awardee travel vlogger featured in Gujarati magazine feelings and covered by many newspapers of India consider him the No 1 Travel Vloggers In India.

He appeared in many international tv interviews. He has a website named Varun Vagish Has more than a million followers on youtube.

and nearly 185k followers on Instagram he continuously posted vlogs on his channel Mountain Trekker. He traveled in the US, Dominican Republic, Kyrgistan, United Kingdom, Kartarpur Pakistan, Thailand, Canada, Italy.

Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and many more. Check out his channel Mountain Trekker on youtube to enjoy his latest travel vlogs.

2. Nomad Shubham

The second Most Love and Travel Vloggers In IndiaNomad Shubham is a 20 years old full-time travel youtube vlogger currently hitchhiked more than 50k kilometers. and Travelled more than 1 lakh kilometers.

He has 1.11M subscribers on youtube to date. He traveled to 40+ countries on three continents Asia, Europe, and Africa.

He traveled to the coldest place on earth Oymyakon village in Russia, having a temperature of -71 Degree Celcius.

Currently, he is in Sudan the south African country on the north side of Egypt and the west side of Ethiopia.

Must-Visit His YouTube channel Nomad Shubham Here to Enjoy his videos of extreme traveling.

3. Cycle baba Dr. Raj

Cycle baba is from bhuna District Fatehabad Haryana he started his travel journey as saving this planet from uncontrolled carbon emission.

He is a cyclist heading the initiative wheels for Green in that he travels with a cycle and plants trees to influence and aware people of our nature and carbon emission.

he Travelled to more than 50 countries and 60,000 kilometers by paddling a bicycle. He planted 102k+ trees all over the world and did 900+ seminars to aware people of carbon emissions.

Under wheels for the green initiative he has appeared in NDTV Live and many other Indian newspapers and international TVs too recently he appeared on A Tv Channel in SUDAN.

To watch his journey of wheels for green initiative or to support him you can watch him on youtube here.

4. Nomadic Indian Deepanshu Sangwan

Deepanshu Sangwan is another awesome youtube vlogger who traveled a bunch of countries last time he traveled to Ukraine in winters.

He loves hitchhiking traveled more than 35k kilometers by hitchhiking. He traveled to China Russia, Mongolia, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Shree Lanka, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Turkey.

He explores rural areas of countries tries to dive deep into rural areas, I Loved his Afghanistan series when he visits the place where the Buddha statues were destroyed by Baghdadis.

I Love this guy I also loved his lockdown vlogs when he was in Haryana in his Nani’s house. Watch him on YouTube Here.

5. Yatri Doctor Navankur Chaudhr

Navankur Chaudhry is from Delhi a full-time traveler he has a youtube channel named Ytri Doctor he makes videos while traveling.

Currently, he is traveling in Brazil, He traveled to many countries as He traveled to more than 26 countries now in Sao Paulo Brazil.

He traveled to Kazakistan, Maldives, Shree Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Jordan, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Mongolia, China, Noth Korea, Dubai

Ukraine, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Mauritania, & Serbia I really enjoy his videos I also want to travel to these all countries.

You can watch his videos on his Youtube channel named Yatri Doctor. You can buy personalized passports from his website.

6. Flop Youtuber Pargat Khokhar

Pargat khokhar is a travel vlogger known as Flop YouTuber on youtube he is basically from Punjab started traveling to India and after 45 days of travel, he started traveling to other countries.

He is traveling countries that were part of the USSR he traveled to Russia Georgia Serbia and continuously traveling other neighboring countries. He is such an amazing personality.

His vlogs are full of joy and he makes and delivers instant poetry in his videos he tells facts with rhymings and Shayari.

I love his way of storytelling and effectively presenting things I suggest you follow his youtube channel name Flop YouTuber I swear you will enjoy his content in the Punjabi language.


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