Widelens by Abrar: Unveiling the Adventurous Journey of a Moto Vlogger

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widelens by abrar

In the world of captivating Moto vloggers, one name stands out—Abrar Hassan, the mastermind behind Widelens By Abrar. This enthralling biography takes you on an unforgettable expedition, tracing the footsteps of a young adventurer who dared to chase his dreams. Join us as we delve into the remarkable life of Abrar Hassan and discover the incredible story behind Widelens.

Born in a small village 6 km near Nankana City, Pakistan, Abrar Hassan spent his early years immersed in the simplicity of rural life. From a tender age, he exhibited an insatiable curiosity, eager to explore the world beyond his immediate surroundings. Little did he know that these humble beginnings would lay the foundation for an extraordinary future.

As Abrar grew older, his thirst for knowledge became insuppressible. He traversed through various cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Nankana, and Islamabad, in search of educational opportunities. Each new city enriched his understanding of the world, shaping his perspective and nurturing his aspirations.

Driven by an undying wanderlust, Widelens by Abrar embarked on a life-changing journey to Germany. He sought education and pursued professional endeavours, but deep within, a restlessness stirred. Recognizing the need to heed the call of adventure, Abrar made a bold decision—to dedicate his life to full-time travel.

Equipped with a passion for exploration and a camera in hand, Widelens by Abrar breathed life into his vision—Widelens. With an innate storytelling ability, he began documenting his travels through stunning visual narratives. The world soon became captivated by his unique blend of exhilarating adventures and enchanting storytelling.

Widelens soared to new heights as Abrar embarked on an awe-inspiring expedition, capturing the essence of his epic journey from Germany to his homeland, Pakistan. Through his lens, he showcased breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and the warm embrace of his roots, captivating audiences across the globe.

While Abrar's dreams initially led him towards India and Southeast Asia, he faced unexpected obstacles along the way. Undeterred, he shifted his focus and embarked on an extraordinary hundred-day trip to Saudi Arabia, immersing himself in the richness of the culture and forging unforgettable memories.

Determined to conquer India, Abrar never lost sight of his goal. After countless efforts, his unwavering persistence paid off, and he finally obtained a visa. With renewed vigour, he embarked on a month-long adventure through the heart of India, capturing the essence of its vibrant landscapes, ancient heritage, and captivating people.

Widelens by Abrar Hassan is not just a story of a Moto vlogger but a testament to the power of following one's dreams. Abrar's journey inspires us to embrace the unknown, push past our limitations, and discover the extraordinary wonders that lie beyond our comfort zones. Join us as we celebrate the indomitable spirit of Abrar Hassan and embark on a journey that will leave you inspired and yearning for your own grand adventure.

WideLens By Abrar Bio/ Wiki

Name Abrar Hassan
Nationality German/Pakistani
Religion Muslim
Profession YouTuber
Famous For Motovlogging

WideLens By Abrar Physical Stats

Height 179CM
Weight 73Kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

WideLens By Abrar Personal Life

DOB 1986
Age In 2023 37
Birth Place Nankana
Zodiac Sign Aries
Hometown Nankana
Hobbies Travel/Filming

WideLens By Abrar Education

Primary Edu Village Near Nankana
Graduation Bachelor of Science
Literacy Master's Degree

He completed his schooling in the village where he was born. After completing his primary schooling He took admission into Lahore Govt College to complete his matriculation.

He Was a decent child at that time. He moved to Islamabad for his higher studies. He did his graduation in Aeronautical Engineering from the CAE Islamabad. Which is a prestigious institute in Pakistan.

After doing a Job for 10 months he moved to Germany for doing his master's in Aerospace Mechanics. Then He was offered a job by his professor. 

WideLens By Abrar Girlfriend or Affair

Marital status Unmarried
Girlfriend Noe

WideLens By Abrar Family

Mother Ms Hassan
Father Mr Hassan
Siblings 1 Brother

WideLens By Abrar Income / Networth

Started Vlog Jan 6, 2019
Father 1.26 Million
Monthly Earning $6.2K - $99K
Yearly Earning $74.2K - $1.2M

He worked in many fields From a Young Age. When he was doing his graduation from Islamabad. He did a job for 10 months. Then he decided to quit his job and continue his studies.

After Moving To Germany he worked in a factory for six months. There he completed his master's. He had cravings for the German language. Because of his surrounding, he wasn't able to learn German.

His friends were all from Asian countries speaking English or Urdu was enough to survive in Germany because if he needs any help one of them helps him if he don't know German. But he decided to learn German he worked as a house help and did volunteering so that he can stay with German people who speaks German fluently. It helped a lot him to learn German fast.

He also worked as a helper and programmer at his university. Because his professor became impressed by his skills and learning he offered a job to him. Then he did this job for a long time.

WideLens By Abrar India Trip

Abrar Had a dream to travel to India. Before 1947 India and Pakistan both were a part of the giant Indian subcontinent. Clashes between communities in 1947 divided this huge land into three countries.

Two of them were Pakistan and one was India. In 1971 Pakistan was divided into two parts. During the time both countries were going against each other the hatred between people and governments was increasing consistently. 

But many Pakistani and Indian people love each other's land and people by heart Abrar was one of those who really loved India. Israel is the most difficult country to travel by Pakistanis. because Pakistan doesn't recognise Israel as a country.

But Abrar is a German passport holder Pakistani so he was allowed to go to Israel. But his ultimate dream was India. He tried to get his visa many times from Pakistan. but he wasn't allowed to travel to India.

He was doing Germany to south-east Asia road trip by bike. His plan was to explore further more countries including India. But Indian authorities didn't give a visa to Abrar. That's why he again started his new journey from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

But after a long time, he applied for an Indian visa from UAE. The Indian authorities gave him a 30days visa. Then Abrar applied for a carnet for his bike and shipped his bike to Kochi Kerala. Then arrived in India by taking a flight from Dubai.

Then Abrar Started exploring India from south to north by bike. He captured stunning views of south India with his drone. He explored Kerala Tamilnadu Karnatak Goa Maharastra Gujrat Rajasthan Haryana Uttarpradesh Delhi and Punjab.

This trip was the most engaging trip from the viewership's point of view his videos got millions of views. These videos were so positive that was showing the real hospitality of India. 

Thousands of Pakistani and Indian people were showing love to him for spreading peace and showing the real India.


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