Koth Kalan: A historic Village of Haryana With Rich History of Dada Kala Pir

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dera dada kala pir koth kalan

Koth Kalan is one of the famous villages of Haryana. It lies in the northeastern part of the hisar district, touching the jind district's border. nearby villages of Jind district are khapran dariawala jajwan and Barsola.

This village has most of the Jat community of Sandhu and sheoran surnames. It lies 222 meters above sea level. This village is supposed to be at least 1200 years old. 

It is spread over 3033 hectares of land. With a population of 9558 people and 1714 houses. 

As per the demographic report of 2011. it is a part of the Narnaund tehsil of hisar district and Hansi sub-district.

It consists of 5210 of the male population and the rest 4348 are females which makes the sex ratio in favour of males. The literacy rate of Koth Kalan is about 54.80 %.

Nearly 62.71 % of males and 45.33 % of females attended and experienced school life. This village has gained popularity in the field of sports like kabaddi wrestling and athletics.

Koth Kalan is reffered as (faujion ka gaaon). It has given many popular wrestlers kabaddi players and prominent leaders.

History Of Koth Kalan

Koth Kalan

There are many stories about koth kailan's history. Some people say that this village was inhabited by the popular Pir of Koth Kalan which is known as Dada kala pir ji Maharaj. 

Some say this village was inhabited by the sandhu jatt community. Their ancestors were supposed to come from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. Some Sheoran jatts claim that dada kala pir was thier ancestor.

Dayanand Sheoran's register shows that the village was inhabited 400 years before the jatts came here by the muslims of Kalal Surname. There are many opinions on this we will discuss lately.

There are two major clans of Jatts in koth kalan village. They both have different stories about dada kala pir. one of those clans is Sandhu jatts.

Sandhu's Opinion:

I talked with with popular farmers leader Suresh koth about this. Suresh koth told me about dada kala pir ji maharaj that he was ancestor of Sandhu jatts. In a anthropological register of koth kalan village maintained by Dayanand Arya Which is also an inhabitant of koth kalan currently living in Jind City.

He is maintaining this register which contains the ancestoral history and trails of family trees of all communities living in koth kalan. In the ancestors of sandhu jatts one was dada kala pir in the 24th generation of sandhu jatts.

Sheoran's Opinion:

To know sheoran comminity's take on this i asked Master Narender a youtube Reporter of koth kalan. He owns a youtube channel named Garv haryana. When i asked him about the history of koth kalan.

He gave a refrence to a youtube video on his channel where he interviewd Pardeep Sheoran. Who lives at ancient village of Rakhi Garhi. Pardeep also told that Koth Kalan was inhabited by three sandhu brothers.

Locals of koth kalan says that two of them were married and one was unmarried and started living out of village near a pond. According to villagers He was Dada kalapir who was a Gau Sevak but there is no refrence given by the villagers.

This story is comparatively new. None of other communities heard this story about dada kala pir. Some poeple say that Sandhus woven this fake story to strenghen the sandhu supremacy.

Pardeep Rakhi also did'nt provided any refrence to this statement. He just read some stories of local jatt history enthusiasts. and articles available on jaatland jaat wikipedia.

Accordding to villlagers this story was fabricated. but there might be some genuine statements about the migration of different families from and to koth kalan. But he didnt gave any refrence about the history of dada kala pir. 

Dayanand Arya's Opinion

Dayanand sheoran has a different version of that history in one of his unpublished book's volume-1. He told that koth kalan was established before the arrival of sandhu jatts.

Koth Kalan was inhabited by the muslims of kalal caste . Kalal is a hindu caste name who belogs to a small social status community. Kalals were invlolved into the buisiness of liquor distilling and selling.

The word kalal was used for those who sell liquor. 1400 years ago islam was in its intial phase in the iraq region. their culture was not different than christians for a long time. 

On the same time some iraqi muslims migrated to the sindhu river's area today knows as punjab haryana rajasthan and uttarpradesh. They were known as iraqi comminity or iraqi shaikh.

When they came here they did'nt brung any wealth and did'nt owned any lands in the indian subcontinent. To survive here they started distillation and selling of liquor.

After 2,3 hundered years of living in this area they got culturised by the north indian cultural influence. But during the rise and initial attacks of mughal invaders they started moving out of koth kalan.

Haryana was conquered by muhammad ghouri after the second battle of tarain after year 1192. 

Bacause islamic culture and some of islamic teachings show that muslims do'nt drink or allow its trade or consumption in their area. They might have faced consequences of distilling wine during mughal raj in haryana area.

And because of this they might have moved out of this area some of historical refrences also show that during that time all the Iraqi shaikh muslims and rajputs  left their residences after that war.

After some years according to some villagers during the time of Firoz shah tuglaq some sandhu jatts came to koth kalan village and inhabited the left out area again.

Some others clans of hindu rajput,Brahman, and other castes came here again who were migrated during the second battle of tarain which took place in the current time taraori karnal dstrict of haryana.

During the time of Mughal Ruler Akbar  and Rajput's war (which is called as Mughal Rajput wars) in some parts of these areas Mughals converted a lot of Jatts and hindu rajputs to islam.

During that time Akbar also build Mosques in these area the ancient mosque of koth kalan was also build during the time of Badshah akbar. Akbar was also infleunced by the indian culture and social structure.

He loved the way people live in haryana and the nearby region. Thats why have also come to know that Badshah akbar build or reconstucted many hindu temples too. Some aged persons also told.

That akbar funded the reconstruction of Dada kala pir dera and shiv mandir too before that they were temprory and mortal structures. Later after a long time the mosque of koth kalan was demolished during the partition of india and pakistan.

A lot of muslims from nearby villages and districts migrated to pakistan. But all the muslim castes who were living in koth kalan remained here to serve the nations. They choosen to live on the land of their ancestors.


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